Metrics and Notifications for Stripe

Know what's going on in your Stripe account

Metrics and notifications for your Stripe account

Stripe analytics with one click

We are using 'Stripe connect' to get readonly access to your Stripe data. You just need to authorize our app with one click and we are doing the rest.

We will never publish or share your data.

Up to date

Your metrics are calculated up to 200 times per day so you can always analyze your latest data.

Your Stripe events (payments, subscriptions, ...) are processed in real time with Stripe webhooks. No coding required.


Get instant notifications for important Stripe events like failed payments.

You can have as many notification addresses as you want. For example: Route all failed payments to your ticket system to make sure someone takes care.


Metric details page

You get many useful metrics for your Stripe Account and more are coming. With our dashboard you have all your metrics at a glance.

Net Revenue is the amount you charged your customers - discounts - Stripe fees - adjustments. You can analyze your Net Revenue for each date.

A detailed chart which shows when you gave refunds to your customers.

Stripe transaction fees are always the same. If you run a business with another currency than USD, Stripe adds currency conversion fees on top of that. With this metric you can analyze your fees.

Get informed about failed charges in your Stripe account

Successful charges fill your balance - keep track of them.

Keep track of disputed charges in your Stripe account.

Stripe checks your dispute rate and contacts you if your dispute rate is high. You can monitor your dispute rate with getMetrics proactively before Stripe contacts you.

Every time you charge a new customer we add the customer to this metric.

Each metric has it's own detail page with further information.

If your business is not based on subscriptions and you're using Stripe only to charge your customers once and not regularly these metrics are for you.

Subscription metrics

getMetrics provides the most important metrics for your subscription based business.

You can analyze your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) over time. The MRR tells you how much money you make with monthly subscriptions. We exclude Stripe fees and trials for the calculation of the MRR.

The Annual Run Rate is Monthly Recurring Revenue x 12. If your business sells annual subscriptions. This is the metric you should analyze and keep track of.

Net Revenue is your gross amount - Stripe fees (transaction and currency conversion fees). The Net Revenue on the subscriptions dashboard excludes all charges and transactions which weren't made with subscriptions.

This shows the total number of active subscribers for each date. A subscriber is a customer who has an active subscription and has paid for it. Trial users and users which didn't pay for their subscription because their card was declined or the charge failed are excluded.

The new subscribers metric shows the number of customers who subscribed to a plan on each date.

If a customer cancels a subscription or doesn't pay for an invoice he is marked as lost and will be shown here.

We count upgrades when a customer changes their plan from a plan he is already subscribed to, to a plan with a higher amount. For example: Susi had a subscription for the "BASIC" plan, which is $10/month and switches to the "PRO" plan, which is $20/month. We count this as one Upgrade and calculate the change in MRR for Susi.

We count downgrades when a customer changes their plan from a plan he is already subscribed to, to a plan with a lower amount. For example: Susi had a subscription for the "PRO" plan, which is $20/month and switches to the "BASIC" plan, which is $10/month. We count this as one Downgrade and calculate the change in MRR for Susi.

Customers leave or cancel your service. We calcuate the churn rate for you.

Revenue churn is the sum of churned MRR from your lost customers and customers who downgraded their subscription.

Customer Lifetime Value is the amount of money you can expect to get from one customer for his whole lifetime.

Each detail page for this metrics shows percentage changes or growth (depending on the metric).

Metric details page

Notifications and events

Notifications for Stripe

Know what's happening - in real time

We're connecting to Stripe Webhooks to send you notification emails for events that matter to you. You can choose for which events we should send an email to you.

Every time a customer is charged we can send you an email with the details of the charge and if it was successful or not.

We send a email notification when a customer is created or when a customer creates or updates a subscription. If a subscription has been changed we calculate if it's an up- or downgrade and notify you accordingly.

We will send you an email every time an invoice has been paid or when the payment of an invoice failed.

Each time a transfer is set up you'll receive a notification of its creation and if it was successful or not.

Full list of possible notifications

Charge succeeded
Charge failed
Charge refunded
Dispute created
Dispute updated
Dispute closed
Customer created
Subscription created
Subscription updated
Conversion from trial
Subscription upgrade
Subscription downgrade
Subscription deleted
Trial will end
Invoice payment succeeded
Invoice payment failed
Transfer created
Transfer failed

Our Pricing

Two simple plans with unlimited notification addresses, unlimited notifications and metrics for your account. Choose if you wish to have subscription metrics in your account. (Try the Demo)

Try getMetrics with our free 7-day trial.



Stripe basic metrics
unlimited notifications
unlimited notification addresses
email support
free 7-day trial

PLUS Subscription metrics


Stripe basic metrics
Stripe subscription metrics
unlimited notifications
unlimited notification addresses
email support
free 7-day trial


  • How does it work?

    After you signed up for an account we connect with the Stripe API via Stripe connect. We calculate your metrics and start sending you notifications for events that are important to you (of course you can choose which events are important).

  • Can I have multiple notification addresses?

    Absolutely! You can set up many notification addresses for your account. You could use one to get notified about successful payments and another one to collect all failed payments. You can also route your notifications to your ticket system (most ticket systems can receive new tickets by email) to make sure someone takes care of problematic events (like new disputes).

  • Do you have a free trial?

    Yes, we have. If you wish to try getMetrics free of charge for 7 days, just sign-up and connect your Stripe account.

  • Do I need to write code?

    Absolutely not. You only need to sign up and as soon as we have connected with your Stripe account and calculated your metrics for the first time your account is set.

  • How often do you calculate the metrics?

    Currently we calculate your metrics every two minutes. We're connecting to stripe webhooks, so we can always show you your latest numbers.

  • Can I see a demo?

    Of course - here it is: Demo

  • Other questions?

    Feel free to contact us at You can also use our live chat (the green Questions? - at the bottom right of your screen).

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